Developed Technology

  • Report and train to Character and management skill for Aluminum and Surface treatment method
  • Figure Aluminum formability feature out and CAE compensation result → Apply CAE result to the die
  • Manufactured ‘T’ Company MBR, DASH, WHEELARCH and ‘C’ Company Progressive die

1. AL character and Report

2. AL CAE result

3. Manufactured Part

Background of Technology development

  • Need to make Aluminum press die for ‘T’ company
  • S/BACK and dispersion by the character of Aluminum → Need CAE precision
  • Find out the character of Aluminum material and set CAE technology to make the right Q-loop plan


  • Decrease of manufacturing cost and improve the die quality by reducing : Q-loop times → Achieve Pre-deadline for delivery
  • Accuracy of CAE and Improve the engineering skill
  • The average number of Q-loop : 10 times → 5 times (50% reduction)