Developed Technology

  • Cell Carrier Process construction view
  • 1. Insert Injection
  • 2. Reverse transformation correction
  • 3. Weight Inspection
  • 4. Individual Barcode
  • 5. Vision Inspection
  • 6. Final Inspection before packing
  • 7. Packaging / Loading

Development Background

  • Prior to injection-Inspection-Packaging for minimum cost production, establishment of automation production process
  • Application of automatic inspection system for flawless quality reproduction regarding each process
  • Ensuring consistency throughout the entire production process

Customer Contribution

  • Contribution of customer cost reduction via establishment of minimum production cost process : Introduction of vision system, automated product production and inspection process
  • Enhancing of customer trust by supplying zero-defect products : Supply of defect-free products based on vision inspection system, tracking and managing individual products with a barcode system